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Grandmother Eunice's Recipe for Anti-Phlegm Tea

Anti-Phlegm Tea

Grandmother Eunice's Anti-Phlegm Tea, Honey, Lemon, Peppermint

Hello, Everyone! It's the Fall season in the USA, again.  Our weather temperatures are cooling off and many are preparing to ward off 'colds' or to alleviate the symptoms of an existing 'cold'.  In my effort to contribute to those preparations, today, I am sharing my grandmother Eunice's ingredients for a tea that causes phlegm to be released out of the body. Whenever we had colds as children, she'd make this concoction for us; it was always delicious and effective! I've used it as an adult, time and again, and it never fails me. By the way, "Phlegm is a liquid secreted by the mucous membranes of mammals. Its definition is limited to the mucus produced by the respiratory system, excluding that from the nasal passages, and particularly that which is expelled by coughing (sputum). Phlegm is in essence a water-based gel consisting of glyco-proteins, immunoglobulins, lipids and other substances." ~ Wikipedia

Grandmother Eunice's 'Anti-Phlegm Tea' recipe is:
  • water, 
  • one or two slices of fresh lemon, 
  • red & white peppermints (which contains real peppermint oil)
  • honey (not imitation/faux honey)
I've always prepared this tea as one serving, since I've make it for myself. So, to make a one-cup serving do the following:
  • Choose a clean tea cup/coffee cup, preferably one that delights you
  • Heat enough clean water to fill your tea/coffee cup
  • Rinse, clean, one lemon. Cut one or two lemon slices and add the slice(s) to your empty cup
  • Add two (tea cup) to three (coffee cup) peppermints to your cup (circle-shaped peppermints work well)
  • Add one to three tablespoons of honey on top of the lemon and peppermint (I've been using Don Victor Orange Blossom Comb Honey Globe Jar, 16 Ouncereal honey, honey comb, orange blossom honey* for quite some time; it's always delicious).
  • Pour enough of the heated water into your tea/coffee cup to cover the lemon-peppermint-honey trio completely
  • Let the heated water 'work-on' the lemon-peppermint-honey trio, for approximately three minutes
  • Stir the trio around in the cup with a clean metal spoon, to blend the trio even more
  • Pour more heated water into your cup to fill it
  • Sip your delicious tea as the temperature becomes comfortably sippable
After you've finished the entire cup of tea, you'll notice that your body will begin to release the phlegm over time.  During the course of my day or evening after I have finished drinking this 'Anti-Phlegm' tea,  I can feel a release of phlegm into my throat. That's when I spit it out in the bathroom, or use a paper napkin/paper towel to spit the phlegm into and throw it in the trash.

 If you'd like to, you can make this tea again, and have it the next day. However, one cup of Grandmother Eunice's delicious 'Anti-Phlegm' Tea always cleared out the phlegm for me!  One more tip, real Peppermint Essential Oil (PEO) may be used with or instead of the peppermints.  I haven't used real PEO for this tea, yet.  However, I have used real PEO for other purposes and it is a delightful essential oil*!

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